2 thoughts on “دربار!”

  1. Dear Rao Sahib

    We cannot expect an ideal government in Pakistan unless someone sacrifices for it.
    This is a great change that today, both previous heads of their parties are in jeopardy and the process of Justice & Accountability is proceeding, though at a very slow pace, but it is working a little bit.
    Imran Khan is a gift of God for the poor of Pakistan. In todays limited resources and corona Affected Economic Situation, PTI and Imran Khan are doing maximum for public what is possible, like poverty alleviation, Ehsaas, etc.
    Imran Khan will revolutionize this country.
    You have rightfully mentioned those who are out of power and this is the greatest achievement of Imran Khan.
    It may take 1 or 2 decades, but the god gifted country Pakistan would flourish soon. EDUCATION is also a very imporartant issue for the country.

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