One thought on “سائنس سے اتنا اجتناب کیوں ؟”

  1. You have yourself identified the root cause; It is the prevalent ‘version’ of religion which draws clear ‘red lines’ for enquiry-based, open-ended learning of sciences!
    To learn Sciences you cannot view them through the prism of religion! Ask a biology teacher as to how difficult (or easy) it is to explain the Theory of Genetic evolution or ‘editing’ in a scientific perspective, and we would know his dilemma. What is even more worrisome is that the situation is not limited to the learning of sciences; it is equally applicable to the teaching and learning of humanities ant arts, which are
    equally affected adversely by the narrow interpretation of religion!
    It is impossible to redress this most unfortunate situation, and was perhaps the main reason behind Ata Turk’s total prohibition of public expression of religion!

    To me, the real learning of sciences leads you to the ‘truth’, (which finally brings you closer to the creator!), and should be considered noble and virtuous! However, I agree that in short term it might potentially lead you astray, which should be accepted as a ‘cost’, and not considered ignoble and non-virtuous ‘kufr’. The situation can certainly be improved, because I have known that the conditions in Iran are not that bad at all!

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