One thought on “! قومی سوچ”

  1. Agree with the columnist by & large but the idea that 99% madrasas have nothing to do with terrorism is questionable.
    Is there a mechanism to identify 1% who are involved in terrorism ?. All the madrasas are promoting a particular sect & they teach hatred against the other sects & religions. This hatred when grow up,turned into terrorism.
    Poverty is also one of the most important element to generate crimes. The morality as a nation don’t exist. Lack of education in science & technology is another problem coupled with poor quality.
    The election system is faulty. It is constituency based & Political parties need those corrupt individual who can get them a seat in the assembly. These immoral people have no calibre of making good legislation & only vested interest is served. They try to stay in power by any means. Discretionary funds are given to them & mostly embezzled
    Religious parties though don’t have vote bank but support right wing parties, thus pressurize the main stream parties. All parties have militant wings.
    Basic education is also teaching hared in proper schools. Middle class is vanishing. Hard to count the problems we are facing. From where to start, Solution seems to be difficult,

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