3 thoughts on “این آراو کی ضرورت ہے ؟”

  1. Sir, your observation are quite good and true and you do not give favour to any one.
    Its fine, first time after completion of 10 year of school I went to Sargodha kehchairy to prepare domicile. It was first time I introduced corruption because i was asked to pay more then original fee. “

  2. I totally disagree with this, no NRO any more actually these all corrupt should be improsioned or hanged. Do you think after that NRO, all parties or person will really work together or work towards the Nation Development, I would say then we are the most foolish nation to accept this NRO again, so all corrupt will again have more chances for Loot and khusoot.
    Please don’t follow these Foolish people and foolish ideas.

  3. Very sincere and thoughtful analysis of politics of Pakistan,but I beg to differ for another NRO as it will continue to happen again in future and will keep the gates of corruption open by legitimizing the corruption. No country can survive with the degree of corruption we do have in Pakistan.

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