6 thoughts on “کیا قانون کو انصاف کی خاطر روند ڈالیں ؟”

  1. Dig sahib jub khud police station se bhata le gay,tu sub se bhare tarerist tu khud hen,tamam crime in ki suprvision men hotey hen,is mulk ko unaducted logo ne nahin,well educated logon ne loota hi.is me army,civil beaurocracy,fatwey dene waley alam,bare sarmaya dar aur un ka paltu sahafi,just like shami sahib,saleem bukhari,kamran khan and other

  2. This article is based on realty and inner voice of the writer.
    Allah may bless him more and more.

  3. Sure we have to promulgate the justice even we have come to know that rule of the court is allowing the culprit free. Our courts are court of Law, but Now a days we have to move forward. If the reality shows that culprit is not innocent and law is giving some relaxing in punishment. He must have been punished. Judges Should be honest and brave. Government should give full sport to the court. Decision should be rapid and fast and culprit should be Hanged . Involved in a humans and dangerous crime should trial through military courts. Justice should be vigorous. Then we can safe Pakistan and judicial system as justice delayed is justice DENIED.

  4. These are the facts Their is no justice in courts, Power is ruling to this society, Only bloody revoulation can change the situation and save the poors and middle man of this country.If some one should start this i will be the first man who is ready to sacrfice his life to change the situation and finish these courts,who are crushing this poor public.

  5. Sir ap na Bilkol thek lakha Kay koyie bata sakta ha ya Kasa thek Ho ga hama bunduk uthni Para gi ya yohi sasak sasak kr mar Jaya ga thank you

  6. My Dear Sir, I am always imressed of your columns. Here please let me differ. A judge should blindly follow the law. If he is free to do justice he will make a mess of the judicial process. Every judge will do his own justice like Justice Maulvi Mushtaq and Justice lftikhar Chaudhry. Likings and disliking of the judges will prevail. Thus Judges should not do justice they should decide cases strictly according to the law.
    Kind regards.

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