5 thoughts on “کافر سائنسدان”

  1. In Pakistan, it is never going to happen, as every one in Pakistan believes that Allah will solve every problem and cure all diseases. Religion created a myth of “Afterlife” and as long as Pakistani (or the Muslim world) believe in it, they will keep on raising ignorant mullahs, pseudo-religiosity and ignorance. The ruler love it, because it creates brainless idiots they can exploit and rule.

  2. A.A Sir
    You are writing very much impressive and research oriented columns. The rich people of Pakistan must help the scientists, researchers and students. I agree with you. Please keep waking up he people of Pakistan. God has bestowed you the power of words. God bless you. May you live long with health, wealth, prosperity and true faith.
    Take Care

  3. Rao sahib always write excellent columns and try to awake the sleeping “Zameer; of nation. I pray for success but a huge change of mindset is needed.Such change can be brought through liberal/modern education of young people. I salute him for writing bold column.

  4. Manzar Bhai we believe our duty is only in”GUFTAN, NASHISTAN, KHURDAN AND BARKHASTAN” Qisa khtam.

  5. Really appreciate your effort to introduce a different way of thinking. In our society all charities and good deeds concept belong to religion. Our teachers and scholars never told us to see things beyond religion. I always try to read your column in the Daily express. People of Samundri feel proud of you Rao sahib.

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