5 thoughts on “! ہم محسن کش لوگ ہیں”

  1. Very valid recollection of impartial history. Feroz Khan Noon and some others became victims of the military bureaucratic complex of the early Pakistan years right upto the decade of late sixties. They were in nexus with Ayub to rule Pakistan and then they did become the victims themselves of Yahya’s martial law first and then both the military and Civil bureaucracy of ZAB. Public representatives were g en power but then this military bureaucratic complex got ZAB in connivance with the retard rightist mullah combine. That’s history.. Ziaul Haq was a true representative of the rejected and criminal military-bureaucratic combine with the retarded right wing conservative mullah. Unfortunately, they were blind to the interest of Pakistan, Islam and above all righteousness and wished for shortcuts and therefore, they lost just as Israrul Haq observed. In frustration they turned to even more foul method of al-Qiada and Taliban and even worse ISIS. America was their greatest supporter. The foolish generals did play foul on Pakistan. Without doubt Ayub, Yahya, Zia and Musharraf harmed Pakistan a great deal, ZIA being the moron, Musharraf being the smart cookie, Yahya being a loose moral lecher, greedy, irresponsible and neglectful of duty and trying to to clever by half, and Ayub being self serving, not very educated and a poor strategist.

  2. Unfortunately Malik Feroz Khan Noon s’ democratic Government was dismantled through Marshal Law of power hungry President Iskander Mirza & General Ayub Khan on the fateful night of 8th October, 1958 !

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