One thought on “?ہماری پہلی یا آخری نسل”

  1. I think there is no scarce of skilled, creative, honest and well behaved people in Pakistan( it is my hypothesis that may be a biased). But it is also reality that we are losing our position day by day and I think its all due to bad and worse system. Skilled and creative people can not compete in this system nor exist. You have discussed this point in your earlier column when you quoted the story of young man from Bahawalpur who was artist. Wrong priorities of Policy makers as well as rulers have destroyed our minds, faculty and creation. Respected Sir, SUB SY NOVEL AUR PRECIOUS CHEAZ HIKMAT, DANISH, CREATION AUR MUHABBAT HA. AUR ALLAH KAREEM BRY HE IHTRYAT KY SATH YE CHEZEIN KSE NATION KO ATA KRTA HA. and now it is so simple we all of us not capable of such type of gifts from my Allah…………….

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